Crossed Paws Rescue will NOT adopt to anyone who has intentions of declawing a cat.  We believe that it is cruel and inhumane!  The rescues we have that are declawed are not from our doing but of previous ower's doing.   PLEASE see this informative link that will give you detailed information on the process, procedure and side affects of declawing!

Blue Growing Light Bulb


Clawed for Life...
because a declawed cat is a maimed cat

"The consequences of declawing are often pathetic. Changes in behavior can occur. A declawed cat frequently resorts to biting when confronted with even minor threats. Biting becomes an overcompensation for the insecurity of having no claws. Bungled surgery can result in the regrowth of deformed claws or in an infection leading to gangrene. Balance is affected by the inability to grasp with their claws. Chronic physical ailments such as cystitis or skin disorders can be manifestations of a declawed cat's frustration and stress." ~ David E. Hammett, DVM ~